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This new website, launched in Summer 2010, would not have been possible without the contributions of many faculty and students, and the Department would like to thank everyone that helped in the development of our new site.

Department Web Committee: Prof. Eric J. Sorin (Chair), Prof. Paul Buanora, Prof. Vas Narayanaswami, Prof. Young Shon, Prof. Paul Weers, graduate student Thomas Neubauer, graduate student Emil Adaligil.

Layout Design & Implementation: Prof. Eric Sorin & CECS graduate student Amit Nargund.

JavaScript Menu: Prof. Eric Sorin, CECS graduate student Amit Nargund, and CECS undergraduate Jessica Obrique.

Flash Banner Design & Implementation: Biochemistry graduate Sarav Patel.

Photographs & Images: Dept. Technician Bob Soukup (retired), undergraduate Chemical Engineering student Daniel Hernandez, undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry students Edsel Abud & Timothy Feliciano.

Transfer of Information and page formatting: Prof. Eric Sorin, Undergraduate Chemical Engineering student Daniel Hernandez, and retired Dept. Technician Bob Soukup.

Site feedback & oversight: Prof. Eric Sorin, Prof. Jeff Cohlberg, and College Director of Development Maryanne Horton.

Updates & Functionality Improvements: Undergraduate CECS major David Gaskins and undergraduate Biochemistry major Khai Nguyen.

Site ADA Compliance (Level A): Undergraduate CECS students Julia Lai and Jem Gallego and CECS graduate student Chetan Mukhopadhyay.