Office Hours & Contact Information

Fall 2017 Semester

Please contact the Department office at (562)985-4941 or email specific
faculty/staff at the addresses below to request office hours that are not listed.


Email Phone Office Office Hours
Dr. Stuart R. Berryhill 562.985.5275 HSCI-364
Dr. Deepali Bhandari 562.985.2053 MLSC-233 MW 1-2 pm
Dr. Christopher Brazier
(Department Chair) 562.985.5897 HSCI-370A
Dr. Xianhui Bu 562.985.4843 MLSC-320
Dr. Paul T. Buonora 562.985.4946 MLSC-319 Tu Th 2:30-3:30 of by email appointment
Dr. Shahab Derakhshan 562.985.4865 MLSC-338
Dr. Lijuan Li 562.985.5068 MLSC-321
Dr. Marco A. Lopez 562.985.4936 HSCI-342
Dr. Eric R. Marinez 562.985.7773 MLSC-336 M 11-12; Tu 11:30-12:30 or by appt
Dr. Douglas McAbee
(Undergrad Biochem Advisor) 562.985.8583 MLSC-249
Dr. Stephen Mezyk 562.985.4649 HSCI-358
Dr. Kensaku Nakayama 562.985.4850 HSCI-340 Tu/Th 11-12 or by appt
Dr. Vasanthy Narayanaswami 562.985.4953 MLSC-247
Dr. Michael P. Schramm
(Chem Graduate Advisor) 562.985.1866 MLSC-335 M 4-4:40, W 9:30-10:10 or M & W by appt
Dr. Jason Schwans 562.985.7778 HSCI-354 Tu/Th 9:30-10:30 AM or by appointment
Dr. Young-Seok Shon 562.985.4466 MLSC-337 M 12:50 - 2:50 PM or by appointment
Dr. Kasha Slowinska
(Undergrad Chem Advisor) 562.985.5815 MLSC-248
Dr. Krzysztof Slowinski 562.985.8064 HSCI-160
Dr. Eric J. Sorin 562.985.7537 MLSC-322 M/W/F 10 - 11 AM & 12 - 1 PM
Dr. Enrico Tapavicza 562.985.7830 HSCI-350
Dr. Hadi Tavassol 562.985.4844 HSCI-348
Dr. Fangyuan Tian 562.985.2115 HSCI-362
Dr. Paul Weers
(Vice-Chair, Biochem Grad Advisor) 562.985.4948 MLSC-250 Tu/Th 3-4 PM


Email Phone Office Office Hours
Dr. Elaine Bernal 562.985.2213 HSCI-366
Ms. Andrea Chen 562.985.2220 HSCI-360 MW11-1AM, TuTh 8-9AM, Fri 9-11AM
Dr. Hosun Choo 562.985.4908 HSCI-344 MW 9-9:50 AM or by appointment
Ms. Nancy Gardner 562.985.4905 HSCI-356 MWF 7:20-7:50am and 10-10:45am, 2-2:30 by appointment
Mr. Tom Gufrey 562.985.5251 HSCI-338
Mr. Thach Ho 562.985.4904 MIC-203
Dr. Jean Lee-Lin 562.985.1311 HSCI-346
Dr. Sunggon Lim 562.985.4908 HSCI-344 ThF 9:30-10:30 am
Dr. Surya Manandhar 562.985.5944 HSCI-352 W 8-9 HSCI 352; F2-5PM 352 or MLSC 215 by appointment
Ms. Marjan Mohammadi 562.985.2220 HSCI-360 MW 2:30-3:15 PM or by appointment
Dr. Christine Palmier 562.985.7874 MLSC-117 MTWF 8-8:50 am
Mr. Pat Pierce 562.985.2213 HSCI-366 MW 10:00-12:00, or by appointment
Dr. Gary Shankweiler 562.985.4938 MLSC-140 M-Th 11:00-12:00, or by appointment
Mrs. Sarah Zigmont TBA HSCI-356 Mo. 10:30 am - noon; Tu. 8-9 am; We. 2:30-3pm; Fridays by appointment


Email Phone Office Position
Mr. Jeffrey Cox 562.985.2214 HSCI-337 Chemistry Equipment Technician
Mr. Ray Grace 562.985.4868 MLSC-305 Instructional Support Technician
Mrs. Joyce Kunishima 562.985.4954 HSCI-328 Director of Laboratories
Ms. Cynthia Ybarra 562.985.4868 MLSC-305 Instructional Support Technician
Ms. Irma Sanchez 562.985.4941 HSCI-370 Administrative Support Coordinator
Ms. Mirna Henriquez 562.985.4941 HSCI-370 Administrative Support Assistant II