Dr. Douglas D. McAbee

Dr. Douglas D. McAbee

Professor & Biochem Graduate Advisor (1997) 
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Cell Membranes 

Teaching: Graduate & undergraduate biochemistry 
Contact: douglas.mcabee@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1558 
Office: MLSC-249 

Teaching Interests

CHEM 441A/B, introductory biochemistry lecture courses; CHEM 443, biochemistry laboratory course; CHEM 542, Special Topics in Biochemistry; CHEM 548, cell membranes.

Research Interests

My laboratory is studying transition metal metabolism by the liver, with particular focus on hepatic iron metabolism. Iron is efficiently recycled after erythrocytes are turned over by the reticuloendothelial system. Most retrieved iron is complexed to a variety of iron-transport -scavenging proteins, including the glycoprotein lactoferrin, and delivered to the liver where it is endocytosed by hepatocytes. In hepatocytes, iron is stored indefinitely or packaged with transferrin and exported.

We have focused our work on understanding the hepatic metabolism of lactoferrin. Hepatocyte clearance of plasma Lf regulates (i) lactoferrin's inhibitory effects on myelopoiesis and chylomicron remnant uptake, and (ii) lactoferrin's association with glycated serum proteins. The role lactoferrin plays in normal hepatic iron metabolism and aberrant hepatic iron overload, however, is poorly understood. We have found that hepatocytes endocytose lactoferrin and its bound iron by multiple hepatocyte receptors including the major subunit (RHL-1) of the asialoglycoprotein receptor and by a yet-to-be-identified iron-inducible binding site. Iron-loading reversibly induces the appearance of the second lactoferrin binding site. We are interested in the nature of the iron-induced lactoferrin binding site on hepatocytes. Its appearance is regulated by the iron status of cells, and its iron-dependent expression requires translation but not transcription. We are investigating the nature of this regulation, what factors are required for its expression and down-regulation.

We have also found that the high-affinity interaction of lactoferrin with RHL-1 is carbohydrate-independent. Moreover, lactoferrin binds at or near the carbohydrate-recognition domain of RHL-1 in a Ca2+-dependent manner. This is the first demonstration that the asialoglycoprotein receptor binds to a protein ligand not requiring the presence of terminal Gal or GalNAc sugars. Structure-function studies are underway to understand the nature of this interaction.

Most recently, we have found that loading of hepatocytes with transition metals Fe, Cu, or Zn blocks endocytosis mediated by the asialoglycoprotein receptor. Zn partially inhibits transferrin receptor internalization as well. We are interested in understanding the specific molecular targets of these metals on vesicular transport as well as the broader effects of metal loading on liver stress, necrosis, and apoptosis. 

Recent Publications

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