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Our Mission is to provide our members with modern resources and hands-on experience,
and to further solidify students' passion for the field of dentistry.

LBPD Mission

We strive to provide members who are passionate about the field of dentistry with the resources needed to successfully matriculate into dental schools of their choice, and to improve pre-dental students. preparation through exposure to guest speakers and recruiters from dental schools, both local and nationwide.

We aim to provide experiences that can best expose our members to key aspects of the field of dentistry and to solidify their passion for achieving their academic and career goals. Member involvement is key, as workshops and job-shadowing opportunities allow our members to gain hands-on experience and to be immersed in real-world environments relevant to the many areas of dental science.

We will empower our members to give back to their communities through volunteerism and we believe that helping the community will not only benefit those in need but will also help us grow as individuals and as a team.

Our Core Values & Commitments
  • To give our members the best opportunities to gain experience in clinical settings.
  • To further educate the campus community on the importance of the field of dentistry.
  • To give back to our local communities.
  • To provide a positive atmosphere for learning and communication with respect for our diverse student population.


How can I become an LBPD member?
  • Contact us at and we can enter you in our BeachBoard email list!

Is there a fee for joining LBPD?
  • No, there is no membership fee. There will be additional expenses for LBPD t-shirts and embroidered scrubs that will be used for specific events.

What are the events and benefits being provided to LBPD members?
  • You will be given opportunities to job shadow almost all the specialists in the field of dentistry.
  • Outreach to local elementary and middle schools regarding the importance of dental health.
  • Visit dental facilities of the top dental schools within California.
  • You will be provided with guest speakers from different dental schools, proffessionals, and dental students.
  • Dental application preparation workshops
  • Saturday morning Beach Clean-ups with SAACS organization.
  • Opportunity to be chosen to participate in a trip to Ensenada done every three months with organization to help less fortunate in that community. Priority given to most involved members due to limited space. In this trip participants will be able to get hands on experience with patients by assisting dentists there. We will be able to see how a free clinic is run. Be able to network with students and faculty of schools such as USC, UCLA, and San Diego schools. It is an amazing experience!
  • Opportunity to assist in Variety of Health Fairs that is in the community. We help you help others!

Meet the LBPD Officers 2014-15:

President - Vivian Ho
Vice President - Jacob Macmaster
Secretary - May Luong
Treasurer - Alex Dunk
Public Relations - Alisa Pham

Contact us by email at

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Elaine Bernal