Dr. Tom J. Maricich

Dr. Tom J. Maricich

Professor (1975) 
Synthetic Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry 

Teaching: Graduate & undergraduate organic chem 
E-mail: tmaricic@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4930 
Office: PH2-210 

Area of research: "Click" Alkylation Chemistry of Sulfonimidates

Our research involves syntheses, reactions, mechanisms, and stereochemistry of .Click. alkylations of various nucleophiles by chiral sulfonimidate esters. "Click" refers to facile reactions occurring rapidly under mild conditions, selectively giving high yields of products, which are readily isolated in pure form. For example, click alkylation of alcohols by N-t-Butyl-O-ethyl-p-nitrobenzenesulfonimidate produced unrearranged ethyl ethers in high yields at room temperature within twenty minutes, when catalyzed by the tetrafluoroboric acid dimethyl ether complex. No rearrangements were observed in the ether products formed from 2-methyl-1-propanol, 2-butanol, 2-methyl-2-propanol, neopentyl alcohol, 3-buten-2-ol, menthol, 1-phenylethanol or cinnamyl alcohol. Optically active menthol was ethylated with complete retention of configuration. Uncatalyzed esterification of acids [pKa less than 7] were spontaneous and quantitative. Alkylations were also obtained with cholesterol, phenols, thiols, amides and saccharin.

Future studies will include alkylations of biomolecules like estrogen and cyclic-AMP, competition between various nucleophiles, and reactions of chiral sulfonimidates with prochiral phosphoric and phosphonic acids and with hemiacetals.

Maricich Research Mechanism

Brief C.V.

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, B.S., 1961, Chemistry
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, M.S., 1963, Ph.D., 1965,Chemistry

Recent Presentations

Research Assistants at CSULB

2002-2006: Andrea Chen (M.S.), Daniel Savino (President.s Scholar), Christine Bradford (President.s Scholar), Gretchen Witowich (President.s Scholar), Alethea Poste (HHMI Scholar), Omonigho Aisagbonhi (HHMI Scholar), Melissa Garza (RISE Fellow), Dustin Wride, Douglas Thai, Sylvia Kim (summer research assistant from Wellesley College), Andrew Roberts (summer research assistant from UC San Diego), Naoki Kodama

2007-2010: Fan-Chun [Renata] Meng [M.S.], Igor Izotov [M.S. candidate], Michael Fimbres [M.S. candidate], Nai-Chia Kuan [Provost Scholar], Jeremy Wood [Provost Scholar], Francisco Rodriguez [Robert B. Henderson Memorial Scholar, Robert D. Rhodes Award], Marilyn Ton, Holly Phung, Sokrith Sea

Chemical Consulting

Consultant to: Cal OSHA, 1998; Lava Louie, Long Beach, CA, 2005; Intelligent Energy, Ltd., Long Beach, CA, 2007.

Expert chemical witness and consultant to various law firms in litigations related to chemical safety, personal injury, environmental pollution, fire, and explosions for both plaintiffs and defendants, 1986-present.

Among other activities, Dr. Maricich has devoted time to teaching chemistry to primary school students!

Dr. Maricich teaching Chemistry to primary school students Dr. Maricich being innovative with the young students